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Healthcare360 is a transparent conversation around integrative functional medicine & wellness. Listen in as we orchestrate an authentic discussion surrounding this one question, all while reimagining OUR health:

“Had you known there were other options to exhaust and explore before you traveled down the traditional healthcare route, how would you weigh those options against what you think healthcare & medicine really is?”

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Benefit from our partnership discounts on all featured products through our affiliate links & coupons.

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The fundamental structure of Healthcare ischanging in America, and around the world. It’s become clear that an evolutionis being pushed to take place. Scott Burgess and the entire Healthcare360 teamis known within influential circles to understand what is taking place. Theinsightful nature of each episode and out-of-the-box perspectives lend well toengaging interviews that include audience and guest participation. I recommendthis podcast to anyone as these topics impact us all. I can spot an innovatorwhen I see one. Scott Burgess is an innovator!
Kelly Brimbore, Newcastle
“Scott offers a perspective and level of intuitionnot found anywhere else in the space. Very few can make science entertaining, Scott makes technicalinformation informative.”
Clayton Thomas Founder, ROOT
"Scott Burgess Healthcare360 provides animportant forum for cutting edge ideas that may change how we think about notjust health care, but health itself."
Kelly Brimbore, Newcastle
"I love to listen to Scott's podcast whileon my morning runs. The quality of the guests is outstanding and it motivatesme to continue with my projects involving transforming health."
Tim Brennan Founding inventor of Vivobarefoot/Owner of Tim Brennan Designs
Disruptive concepts in the healthcare field,including some uncomfortable truths, are presented to the public in a clearformat via Healthcare 360. My only hope is that Scott corrals decision makersin one surround sound theater and listen to each episode, digest and actuallyconsider implementation for the most vital sector of our society and economy”
Dr. Alejandro Badia Chief of Surgery and Owner:OrthoNow
"Jeff Bezos once said: “A brand for a company islike a reputation for a person” Scott, HealthCare 360 is very helpful andinformative concept! You earn your reputation by trying to do hard things well,building relationships, and establishing a new brand concept. Thank you!!"
Amnon Gerberg
“I’ve been on dozens of podcasts as a guestspeaker and by far the most professional best run podcast I’ve ever done todate is with Scott Burgess on Healthcare360. They helped me prepare before theinterview, and Scott asked interesting meaningful questions that make theinterview easy. And wow the editing was amazing with all the graphs andsupporting materials they inserted into the conversation. If you are lucky enoughto get invited to be on Scott’s show, you should consider it a greatopportunity.”
Kelly Brimbore, Newcastle
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