Hi, I'm Scott.

Host of Healthcare 360 Podcast
Boston native, South Florida transplant, entrepreneur!

Execution is not for everyone. Neither is consulting. Merging the two, highlights what results are intended to look like. Technological understanding and customer centric implementation can make for an interesting combination.
For the past sixteen plus years I have served the Healthcare marketplace cheerfully.

My goal is to create raving fans, loyal customers and provide value beyond expectations. I’ve grown exponentially in the organizations that I have been associated with; only second to those who trust me in the efforts of collaboration. I am owner and operator of Healthcare360 Media; which hosts the top 15 medical podcast: "Healthcare360 Podcast "Enjoying this journey of life I am on with my beautiful wife Michelle, and my four amazing daughters, my heart is full!

Scott Burgess orchestrates a diverse, raw conversation while exposing what is really going on behind big healthcare, and offers insight on how to fix it.
Healthcare360 discusses all topics surrounding healthcare in the US market today. Join Scott Burgess in a raw, unedited and insightful conversation with hospital leadership, consultants, clinical and technical experts who share their insights on common problems and expose what's really going on behind big Healthcare, and recommendations on how to fix it.

Listen in, as Scott orchestrates a diverse conversation surrounding this one question.

“Had we known there were other options to exhaust or explore before you reached your final decision, would you have at least considered them?”

We deep dive into atypical healthcare topic points, emerging technologies, present as well as historical healthcare trends...and ask the hard questions.
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We are driven by the relentless pursuit of truth,and transparency; a world as well as community that is clean, safe, joyful and meets the true needs of nature…

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