Hi, I’m Scott E. Burgess, and welcome to the 360Nation and thank you for joining the Best & Brightest, where "Our Healthcare is Reimagined"... 

When my 4 daughters were younger, they would ask me what I did for work since I was always wearing scrubs and I was on the road Monday thru Friday, almost every week.  I would always tell them, “I help good people help sick people get better”.  Following almost 2 decades in the professional healthcare arena, I have personally experienced the ins and outs of healthcare.


Naturally curious, I would recognize unfavorable healthcare gaps to patients first hand and realize those gaps resulted from folks working in silos, miscommunication at almost every level and many doing their best, but, missing the mark.  As a result, in the summer of 2019 I began a passion project called Healthcare360 Podcast to help bring these common challenges to light all while in search for solutions.  Since November of 2019, Healthcare360 has evolved into a media company on a mission to deliver diverse content while introducing our 360Nation to various healthcare options for both consumers, practitioners and administrators.  

We humbly deep dive into the most unique and forward thinking minds in health and wellness, and orchestrate conversations centered on curiosity and desire to exhaust healthcare options, while promoting wellness choices we can incorporate and share today NOT tomorrow!

The Healthcare 360 Team aspires to bridge the gap between what we think healthcare and medicine are and what it should be, to inspire you to make optimized lifestyle choices daily, and ideally bypass the need for traditional healthcare.  

We as a society of patient consumers are inundated with memetic programming, television ads - full of prescription side effects, web searches - controlled by big pharma who push their narrative, as well as outdated word-of-mouth recommendations on how to treat disease.  

Unfortunately, many follow the advice from others before becoming aware of non-traditional or ancient wellness practices, and we have come to recognize that many of these options have been silenced    over the years, or have been tagged with a negative connotation, and we’re determined to bring these practices to light.  

Bottom line, no one gets paid if we are healthy !!!

Yes, you heard that right, no one gets paid if we are healthy...

This fact has been echoed by many of our first 90+ guests on Healthcare 360 - as we listened, realized, and now want to partner with you, the Best & Brightest, to reimagine our healthcare. Imagine a life where we replace the word healthcare with wellness, just imagine...

In this community, we are determined to deliver a premium audio, video and in-person experience that shares a reimagined perspective of healthcare.  We welcome our 360Nation to join in on the discussion.   Please do not hesitate to recommend guests who can add to our mission.  We hope you will share what you learn with others, please support us through our affiliates who have created products that we confidently promote and use ourselves, and we are excited to continue to reveal forward thinking, inspirational, and hopeful health and wellness knowledge, while answering this one question:

“Had you known there were other options to exhaust and explore before you traveled down the traditional healthcare route, how would you weigh those options against what you think healthcare and medicine really is?

Thank you for your support, it means the world to us!
We’ll see you for the next episode, see you there!
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