HC360 #049 Your cells, your choice! U.S. Government vs Kristin Comella

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HC360 #049 Your cells, your choice! U.S. Government vs Kristin Comella

Know anyone who has been sued by the U.S. Government?  Be ready to have your eyes opened to what my guest, a world renowned expert on regenerative medicine, has been battling.  A pioneer in stem cell therapies, Kristin Comella, PhD, is here today to tell us about her fight for “My Cells, My Choice” - she will dive into the hijacked regulatory agencies, the media frenzy that followed and the hypocrisy she has encountered while standing up for what she believes in. I first met Kristin at Biohackers Fitness in Weston, FL last month where I experienced a cryotherapy chamber and other really cool cellular biohacking technologies, and after learning of Kristin’s story, I knew I had to have her share with Healthcare360 Nation.  Please take a listen and peek into what is really going on in healthcare.  Glad you are here.

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Healthcare360 Host:
Scott E. Burgess

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Michelle Burgess


Guest Contact Info:

Kristin Comella


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My Cells, My Choice https://mycellsmychoice.org/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/comella.stem.cell

Instagram bit.ly/2E2cfH4

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