HC360 #056 Applied Functional Science with Dr. Gary Gray

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HC360 #056 Applied Functional Science with Dr. Gary Gray

The “Father of Function”, the one who developed Applied Functional Science is bringing his humility and wisdom to the Healthcare360’s Best and Brightest!


Join Scott in a conversation with Dr. Gary Gray of Gray Institute, we will talk about his strategy based on truth not theory, mistakes from the past and the need for objective quantification and how when the foot hits the ground, everything changes. Other topics include human biomechanics and the kinetic chain, the importance of gravity in the world of movement, and the all important...front butt.  


I really enjoyed getting to know Dr. Gray, he is very humble and his passion to pass the baton, empower and encourage others is infectious.  Please do not hesitate to contact Dr Gary Gray and check out his programs including 3D Maps and the Gift Program at www.grayinstitute.com


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Healthcare360 Host:
Scott E. Burgess

Healthcare360 Magic Maker:

Michelle Burgess


Guest Contact Info:

Dr. Gary Gray PT, FAFS - CEO at the Gray Institute




Referenced Info:

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IMMEX - Blue Shark


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Waqar Mughal




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