HC360 #074 Reversing Disease by Getting to the ROOT of the Problem with CEO Clayton Thomas

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HC360 #074 Reversing Disease by Getting to the ROOT of the Problem with CEO Clayton Thomas

In 73 episodes of Healthcare360, you and I have met incredible people and guests of the 360Nation, and like you, have learned so much, I mean, an “incredible” amount of useful, life changing information.  So when our guest Dr. Christina Rahm from Episode #060 called me and said hey, I have something I want to tell you about, I immediately reconnected with her, stopped and listened.  Then, like we always do here at Healthcare360, we did our research, and then Michelle and I later recorded episode #070 discussing toxins and what Christina shared about this company tackling the root cause of disease.  Since then, I have tried Clean Slate and Zero-In, and I have to share with as many people as possible, this is not just a  game changer folks! This could be the HOLY GRAIL... In this episode, The Root Brands’ CEO Clayton Thomas dynamically explains how they are using crystals to detox and heal, and why in over 60 countries they are seeing results that are and have been unheard of to date . You will be shocked at what you hear!  In some cases you may need to rewind a few times to capture all nec intel and information.

Healthcare360 has since partnered with The Root Brands, if you decide to give what you hear a try, please go to www.therootbrands.com/healthcare360, create an account and add Healthcare360 in the referral code - this will support the efforts of Healthcare360, and change your life in the meantime. 

Healthcare360 Magic Maker:

Michelle Burgess


Guest Contact:

Clayton Thomas


Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcoPoRF6rwdHxq9l1sXnfXw

Referenced Links:

HC360 #060 Dr. Christina Rahm https://youtu.be/ou2qfe254Vo

HC360 #070 Michelle & Scott E. Burgess https://youtu.be/GGdXF-k-G38

If you are going to give Root Brands a try, please use the Healthcare360 Affiliate link:


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Referral Code: Healthcare360

Root Clean Slate/Zero-In and ROFES “Testing the Functional State of 17 Important Organs and Systems” https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DDdTRNqVL2UBcPog_LL9rxpi6Gv79vrj/view?usp=sharing

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Dr. Don Huber - Clayton Thomas: Glyphosate, Detoxification, ROOT & CleanSlate


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HC360 #068 Dr Tom Cowan https://youtu.be/9NB3e8dfvEU

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Root Testimonial Tuesday Severe Psoriasis https://youtu.be/DDH_tyDdNuU

Root Testimonial Tuesday Anxiety/Depression; Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia; Psoriasis and mens health


A Compilation of Heavy Metal Abstracts by Dr Dori Naerbo https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X_3reXkqPn7FKbCVR8tb6Ya4TE0ZcChI/view?usp=sharing

Rethinking Autism & the Spectrum - Root Review with Dr Dori Naerbo, Dr Stefan Rau and Clayton Thomas https://youtu.be/6C6BAXNeUis

Root Tuesdays with Dr Dori & Clayton: Diabetes


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IMMEX - Blue Shark


Graphic Design by: 

Waqar Mughal


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