HC360 #086 Time to Wake Up to what is REALLY going on with Del Bigtree

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HC360 #086 Time to Wake Up to what is REALLY going on with Del Bigtree
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“TheHireWire.com is one of the fastest growing independent media companies today.  The Host,  Del Bigtree is standing up against pharmaceutical tyranny and connecting the dots for all of us, and doing the heavy lifting so all of us have reliable, safe, and effective health options when it comes to vaccinations. In my opinion, I believe Del is doing God’s work for us all, and uncovering what exactly is happening behind the vaccine discussion. Del is here today to deep dive into topics that have been censored on many platforms, however, you can find the full 88 minute video at our Rumble page on scotteburgess.com or in the podcast link description. https://rumble.com/vfzxaj-time-to-wake-up-to-what-is-really-going-on-with-del-bigtree-full-episode.html

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I invite you all to do your own research, and help others start their own investigations into whether or not vaccines are right for you and your family.  There are significantly more details and updates that are published, that are not being aired on mainstream media. 

Folks, before I move on, I need to say what’s about to be said, this is heavy, once you hear and learn the information that you are about to listen to, it cannot be unheard or unlearned. As a professional, I want to make you all aware of this fact, knowing that you all have a choice to listen or not to listen. If you decide to listen, thank you, we appreciate that! If you decide not to, it’s ok, we understand, these are scary times, and we are not here to add to that fear, rather, keep the Nation informed of what is really happening, as well as why its happening. 

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Scott E. Burgess


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Del Bigtree



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