HC360 #087 Time to Reboot with The Root Brands’ CEO & Founder Clayton Thomas

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HC360 #087 Time to Reboot with The Root Brands’ CEO & Founder Clayton Thomas
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We’re almost there folks, one episode left until we wrap up what’s really happening in the background, as we are bringing back my good friend Clayton Thomas to dive deeper and continue our conversation not just from episode #074 that was released back in February 2021, but continues to build off of episodes 84, 85, and 86. Revealing what's really happening on the back end of our culture and global climate. Simply put, Your call to Action is to become aware of what is going on in the world around us, focus on yourself so you can help those around you, and those you help, can pass forward, what has been shared with them.. This is another episode that we cannot post in its entirety on our Youtube channel, and will be chopped up and posted to abide by the Youtube guidelines. However the full episode is available on our Rumble page where it can be found in the podcast notes or at scotteburgess.com https://rumble.com/vgoty7-time-to-reboot-with-the-root-brands-clayton-thomas.html

12 Shortened Youtube friendly deep dives of this conversation are available at https://youtu.be/D2B_nOJDe30.

The full episode is available on Rumble at https://rumble.com/vgoty7-time-to-reboot-with-the-root-brands-clayton-thomas.html

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Now, let's jump into this conversation with Clayton Thomas of the Root Brands, and as always thank you for listening!

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Clayton Thomas



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