HC360 #088 Time to Report with The Corbett Report’s James Corbett

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Since 2007, investigative journalist James Corbett has been reporting on independent critical analysis(z) of politics, society, history, economics, and health on TheCorbettReport.com  Through open source intelligence, James has reported on the foundation of the traditional U.S. Healthcare System, ----- and after digging deeper, I had to invite him to share his knowledge and insights and so much more with 360Nation.  

Nation, for all of you who have been waiting for this moment, this specific episode as promised, since first mentioned in episode #084, well, the wait is over. And as promised, this episode will tie together the underlying challenges we all face surrounding our wellness and at a global level!

Our Call to Action? Now that you know what we know, you can’t unknow! So, what do you do with this information?  First, we invite everyone to share what you have just learned, do your own research, look for solutions, and provide feedback for what has worked for you and your family! This conversation will continue in our next episode, #089 as we wrap up this series with a flashback to the 80s with my wife and co-host, Michelle Burgess.

This episode with James Corbett cannot be posted in its entirety on our Youtube channel, and will be chopped up and posted to abide by the Youtube rules and policies.  The full 68 minute episode is available on our Rumble page at https://rumble.com/vgz4rl-time-to-report-with-the-corbett-reports-james-corbett.html

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I invite you, the best and brightest to take the time to listen from Ep 084 - 088, we thank you, we’ll see you for episode #089! See you there!

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