HC360 #090 From Neglect to UFC Cage Fighting: Legendary Lessons with MMA and UFC Champion Fighter Frank Shamrock

Nation, this conversation is about so much more than what you may think at first. Our guest and friend Frank “The Legend” Shamrock - a Champion in both UFC as well as MMA combat fighting, talks with us today about his unique training style and life in the cage...if you listen to our entire conversation, you’ll see how this kid who at the age of 10 found himself in juvie, over and over again, then flipped the script with the help of his Shamrock family, and has been a hero for so so many!  The takeaway, be more like Frank, he really is a Legend!  His contribution and impact to society is 2nd to no one!

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Uncaged by Frank Shamrock https://www.amazon.com/Uncaged-Life-Champion-MMA-Fighter/dp/161373672X

The Shamrock Way


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Bound by Blood https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3285132/ 


Uncaged by Frank Shamrock https://www.amazon.com/Uncaged-Life-Champion-MMA-Fighter/dp/161373672X

HC360 #080 Riley Cote Philadelphia Flyers https://www.scotteburgess.com/episodes/080



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NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness https://www.nami.org/Home

The Shamrock Way


Netflix Film Anon


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