HC360 #097 Four Core Secrets to Health with Tim James

We’re backkk. After two years of straight uninterrupted Healthcare360 podcasts week after week. Michelle, the magic maker herself, finally convinced me to take some time away from the microphone even from social media, and I have to tell you Nation it feels great, it really does.

Which... brings us back to this moment and today's episode which is full of golden nuggets that will energize our journey as we continue to reimagine our healthcare together! Our guest for #097 is Tim James, he has a very cool and relatable story and our dynamic conversation covers a lot of ground and his 4 Core Secrets that he shares with us, I believe, are life changing, and are a great foundation for anyone looking to upgrade to the next version of themselves!

For more information you can check out Tim’s website at www.ChemicalFreeBody.com

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