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We made it, episode 100! Huge and welcomed milestone for us here at Healthcare360, and no better way to express our thanks to you than to publish what you're about to experience! Excelsior!

We made it, episode 100! Huge and welcomed milestone for us here at Healthcare360, and no better way to express our thanks to you than to publish what you're about to experience!  I've mentioned previously, that a lot of times, I get lost in the moment with many of our guests, oftentimes I can’t even recall what was talked about, because I’m completely surrendered to the the conversation at that moment, having such an amazing time and experience myself, this episode, is one of those times! With that I’m happy to officially introduce my dear friend John McDermott to the 360Nation. I've often spoken about him in code in many of the past episodes, and couldn't be happier with the time we were able to spend together in the studio.  Episode 100 is part one of our conversation, which is full of golden nuggets, pearls of wisdom, and amazing takeaways. Next week we release the second half of our episode, episode #101. Please share and don't forget to join in on the conversation at our Facebook community “The Best & Brightest of Healthcare 360”.

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