HC360 #108 Florida Pure Sea Salt with Maureen Cacioppo

I have a favorite to share today, Florida Pure Sea Salt Founder Maureen Cacioppo is here today to explore the world of sea salt, and so much more!  Maureen shares her story of creating my favorite variety of sea salts, and shows us how her team is bringing people together.

As I’ve been mentioning now over the past few weeks we’ve re-created everything here at Healthcare360, a new podcast and virtual teaching studio, as well as a healing clinic, where people come to experience true health, as nature intended… 

Soon everything I just mentioned will all be available to you as phase 3 of our website is being designed and finalized as we speak, and ready for the big reveal for the 100’s recap with Michelle Fn Burgess in episode #109.  In the meantime, head on over to our best in class website ScottEBurgess.com and take a minute to watch genuine video testimonials, and determine for yourself, what best in class affiliates can do for you, in your own personal wellness journey. 

Now let’s dive into Florida Pure Sea Salt with CEO and Founder Maureen Cacioppo, and as always, thanks for listening!

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Florida Pure Sea Salt




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Florida Pure Sea Salt Samplers https://www.floridapureseasalt.com/shop/sunshine-sampler-pack

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