QE3 Healing with Scott opened my mind and body to other possibilities rather than just only modern-day medicine or taking a pill.

I arrived with horrible pain in my elbow and surgery scheduled to fix my torn ligament.  Scott said, "you don't have a tear and would you be open to me "working" on it?"  I laughed, of course with doubt in my response, and said, "Sure, if you can relieve this pain and I don't need surgery, great!"  Now the skepticism was rampant in my head but I thought if any of this pain can be relieved even a little bit, I was open.  
You see, I was not only in great physical pain, but great emotional pain as well.  

During my visit, Scott noticed other aches and pains that I had, without me telling him.  As he is looking at me, he says, "What's going on over here?", and touches my left lower back.  I said, "What?" and he asked again.  I playfully hit him and said, "Get out!!!!   I have had horrible back pain there for two years and I've just learned to live with it!"  He says, "ok, we will address that later."  Now I'm a little freaked out, how the heck did he know something was going on there?  My mind is VERY open at this point.  

As we progress in my session, and Scott and I talk, I start to cry, I realize at that point that not only is my physical pain a problem but my emotional as well.  He so gently starts to talk to me and explain that I am carrying all my emotional pain so strongly in my body and that it is all 'settling" in my elbow and that is the real problem.  I'm crying, he's crying and he tells me, while tapping on the left side of my temple, "it's not your fault, it's not your fault, it's not your fault", now I'm sobbing and my heart and head are completely open to this movement of healing. He "taps" that in and we move on.  

The next day was an even better day, I woke up with my mind totally open to the possibilities of healing without drugs, doctors, surgeries, casts, stitches, etc.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not totally debunking medicine, doctors, etc.  I am simply saying for me and my "injury" those things weren't needed. 

I do believe, and always have believed, that God has created us in His image and that He is a part of us.  I have a strong relationship with the Lord and I realize that I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE by a Creator who is the Great Physician.  Our bodies can heal themselves in certain situations, we have been given the tools within our cells. 

It just is so easy at times, though, to run to a doctor, let him/her tell you what is wrong, give you drugs to mask it or make it go away and then off we go to the next thing that needs to be fixed. 

We are such a wonderful creation that needs to give ourselves the chance to look inward for "the fix".  Use what we've been given.  Give our minds and bodies a chance to work together for the positive within ourselves.  I also believe that God gifts people with certain healing abilities.  I believe in the power of laying on of hands in prayer, the power of laying on of hands in the metaphysical sense, the power of positive energy being shared from one human to another. 

You see, we are all connected, we are all part of this thing called "the human race" and we all are full of "energy" that can be shared.  I hope you find this testimonial helpful for you in discovering the possibilities of "QE3 Healing".  It is so easy to be skeptical in this world we live in, we've been taught that (programmed) our entire lives.  I was the biggest skeptic there was when Scott opened his mouth and said those words to me, but look at me now.  There is no more pain in my elbow. 

The inflammation around that tendon was healing as my heart and mind were healing.  Today I am back to myself enjoying all the things I thought I wouldn't be able to do for a very long time.  My surgery was scheduled for July 15th, I would have been laid up for 6-8 weeks followed by 6 weeks of physical therapy,  12-15 weeks!!!  QE3 Healing worked for me in two days!  It is possible if you allow yourself to open your mind.  TRUST, FAITH and GRACE!  Trust in it; Have faith in it; Grace=Love!!!


P.S. Thanks for keeping my luggage there Wink     (I won't be picking it up)