Creating a Ripple

Hi, I'm Scott E. Burgess.  My wife Michelle was in tough shape with spine issues just a few years ago.  I did everything I could to help her throughout the years leading up to her tipping point in 2017.  And our last trip to the neurosurgeon turned out to be the final dead end.  As a mother of 4 daughters ages 9 to 13, Michelle truly was in constant pain, and we were out of options.

You see, we were always looking for the external to help us.  We were not aware of the power of thought, the importance of mindset, what stuck energy does inside of us, and the need to balance the body.  We did not know of our innate ability to change our trajectory, at will, and at any moment with intention.

Then, I experienced what healing from the inside can be, and this changed our life - and provided answers for Michelle! This healing, for both of us, created a ripple, one I am truly grateful for. And being naturally curious, I wanted to learn more!

For the next few years, I deep dove into all different systems, techniques, some ancient, others new age, and I was learning that modern medicine, the only "care" I knew, wasn’t the only option after all!  During this journey, I tapped into my gifts and ability to string together effective and efficient personalized equations to help others, like you, tap into your own innate ability to heal, and create your ripple!

I want to share this with as many people as I can, I am sure you're aware of an awakening happening: we do not need to be stuck in this matrix and I want to do my part in sharing what I have tapped into!  Each one of us has the ability within us to move from a place of vulnerability to a position of capability.  A balanced body is a HEALED body! We've been programmed to think otherwise, and instead I want to help you take your wellness in your own hands, through restoring our digestive health, and balancing the body, and watch what happens!

We ALL have choices, it's all about RESULTS, learn why.