Inviting a new reality

Hi, I'm Scott E. Burgess.  In my younger years, sports was a big part of who I thought I was - I was a high school football and track/field superstar, D1AA scholarship athlete, I went on to coach high school and college football, and became a respected sports performance coach for college athletics.  Coaching was my life - I was a professional coach, and a damn good one! I turned my coaching life into a business - because that’s who I was - Coach Burgess. Michelle, my future bride, was by my side as we opened the doors to my sports performance clinic in 2001 - a sports performance facility unlike any other - and we became the go-to for those looking to develop athleticism.

It’s funny how life pivots - after our oldest was born, we needed to make a change, my coaching days came to a close and shifted into hands-on learning in the trenches of traditional healthcare.  Truth is, my daughter became ill, and I didn't have time to properly big my business the right way, a way of doing what's best for people, people who were looking for help, proper follow through, and guidance, that personal touch so to speak. Not too long later, I was the father of 4 daughters, all born within 4 years! Michelle and I were now fully submerged in parenthood!  Naturally, once we could get them involved in sports, we dove right in!  Without given it a 2nd though, I jumped right in as their coach - because that is what I knew, that is who I am, and no one could coach my kids better than I could!

For years I worked alongside the best of the best in healthcare, I was designing Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units, and Emergency Rooms up and down the United States East Coast, and I could pick up on gaps in our healthcare system, like I would see gaps in a football play or in an athlete’s performance.  There were gaps everywhere! What I noticed is that NO ONE was willing to take the small amount of time to correct the gaps.

Fast forward - in 2019 - I received a blow to my ego, a pride crushing opportunity presented itself.  In hindsight, it was the best thing to happen for me.  Having to chart a new course, while providing for my wife and 4 daughters at the time ages 10 to 14 years old,  I decided to take a risk and bring the traditional healthcare gaps to light, and discuss solutions and strategies with the best and brightest in healthcare on my self produced podcast Healthcare360.  

I have to say, it was quite an experience, the conversations were lead with curiosity - and the more I learned, the more I could see that shifts were emerging and it was time to pivot once more - and this is when Healthcare360 adjusted to a conversation to include alternatives, because there was so much that needed to be revealed! What else is there besides mainstream healthcare? Have a problem, take a pill? There must be more options to exhaust and consider, right?  

Now, during these years of raising 4 daughters with my wife Michelle, I continued that coach mindset with my kids, not just in their sports, but that is how I fathered, I was “Coach Dad”, and I struggled.  Some things just weren’t adding up in various aspects of my life, naturally curious, I set my ego aside, dug deeper, wanting to expose my own gaps and frustrations with life. 

Then one day, a good friend of mine, who could see my inner battles and my coach's ego façade, introduced me to a new reality.  What if instead of being “Coach”, a role I knew so well, what if I was instead a Guide.  And that’s when my awareness sprung open, my empathetic heart expanded and my capability to walk alongside others while leaving space for vulnerability and humanity became abundant - and my calling became realized! It all happened so fast, in an instant, I was all in.

For the longest time I carried that label of “Coach” like a badge of honor.  In fact, I carried many labels and thought that was what I was - while limiting myself.  I had no idea that I was so much more!  Yes, life coaching has its place - It is a buzzword being tossed around in the mainstream, and I believe it can be beneficial, however, what I offer is "beyond coaching" - I have tapped into so much more that is unconscionable for many - and I am answering my calling! 

Let me introduce you to my capability as a Life Guide.  It's walking shoulder to shoulder with you in this dream we call life.  It is true empathetic listening, an opening to a heart connection with your higher self, and a tapping into what could be while shifting from vulnerability to capability!  You do not need to live in what feels like a trap, or an environment of being stuck.

I've been there, and only when you've personally been there, stuck in a world full of demands with limiting labels, a personal purgatory but yet desiring more because you just know there is more to life - only then can one guide

You are so much more that you realize you are.  Let me help you, allow yourself to help you, like my guide helps me. Like me, you know there is more out there.  You're here for a reason.  It's all about RESULTS, learn why.