Hi, I'm Scott E. Burgess, after 15 years of building face to face relationships and cultivating environments founded on trust, rapport, and best business practices in the healthcare arena...everything changed in 2020.  The onslaught of the pandemic forcefully launched a slow moving culture to urgently catch up with the digital world.  

Ironically, in 2019, I was already at my “fed-up” point - I was fed-up with the slow adoption of technology in healthcare, I was fed-up with the gaps that were consistently overlooked or "Value Engineered" out of the solution, which could dramatically help patients, and I was eager to bring these topics to the digital future through thought provoking, honest conversations with those in the trenches - and that was the birth of my podcast Healthcare360 with Scott E. Burgess. 

In a blink, the first 13 episodes aired worldwide, prior to 2020. To provide a clearer picture of where I was in October of 2019 when I decided the healthcare conversation was desperately needed, this was the description for my very first Healthcare360 episode released October 2019:

"Welcome to Healthcare360, I’m your host Scott Burgess. For the past 17 years I've built one of the best reputations in my industry for designing, building and installing over a thousand general operating rooms, pediatric intensive care units, and hybrid surgical suites.You'll learn what is happening behind the scenes, the collective efforts of those involved, and even peek inside the decision making circle. Join my guests from all sectors of the healthcare business, including world class surgeons and professionals who know the ins and outs of the healthcare landscape. 

With some of the biggest names in healthcare, we'll examine the ripple effects of the successes, failures and common oversights within the Healthcare walls.With all that experience and insider knowledge, there is a huge discussion to have, all from the viewpoint of industry experts ...all on Healthcare360."

THEN, the pandemic changed everything in 2020.  Healthcare, and the technologies that were able to provide this accelerated movement into the digital/virtual world, needed massive action, and RESULTS.  

I was living this first hand, and talking to as many people as I could, including futurists, those in the trenches, and many pivoting and adjusting, all while trying to maintain balance.  

Naturally curious, I intuitively saw patterns, opportunities to capitalize on gaps and continually share this consciousness with others. It's all about RESULTS, learn why.

~ Scott