Life, Reimagined with QE³

QE³ Healing with Scott

A new reality resulting in natural, innate healing.

“Got a Problem, Take a Pill” - that is not us, we are so much more capable than that societal norm. We incorporate useful, applicable principles and physiological techniques to help break this pattern and empower our inner ability to achieve and heal. You can do this!

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QE³ Life Guide:
More than Coaching

Only when you have personally been there, stuck in a world full of demands with limiting labels, a personal purgatory, yet desiring more because you just know there is more to experience.

You are here for a reason... Let’s tap into this together!

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QE³ Business Consulting

Times have changed, are you ready to explore the possibilities and move beyond your limits?  Let's set up a time to have a conversation and explore what can be!

Direct to Consumer

Team Selection

Brand Presence

Team Building

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Success Stories

Read about these transformational changes.
"Belief leads to Imagination,
Imagination leads to Physiology,
Physiology leads to Experience"
What's your story?

“Let me try to express my gratitude for reminding me and bringing me back into my power. Thank you Scott for teaching me how to get myself and my family back in balance.”

Lisa B.

"QE3 Healing with Scott opened my mind and body to other possibilities rather than just only modern-day medicine or taking a pill... you saved my life in many ways and I am forever grateful!!

Barbara M.

"Scott and QE3 take care of first things first... Scott has some of the best tools in mind-body medicine at his disposal with the best element in my opinion: training in deep listening."

Matt S.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn your reputation by trying to do hard things well, building relationships, and establishing a new brand concept.
Thank you!!"

Amnon G.

"Scott’s enthusiasm and engaging personality is genuine as well as comfortable to work with. I like that he keeps it simple & looks at things in a holistic & intuitive manner. Thoughtful and thought provoking ideas, resulting in change!

Waqar H.