QE³ Healing

A new reality, resulting in natural, innate healing.

You are so much more than
you realize.

This is an invitation into a new reality.
This journey begins at the root of who we are and brings you to connect and embrace your authentic, higher self.

Quantum Energy

We are so much more than our physical bodies. According to quantum physics, we are energy vortices!  Everything is Energy. Quantum Energy is commonly referred to as The Metaphysical, Scalar Energy, The Source, The Infinite, The Matrix...this is the Now, the You - and that’s where QE3 Healing begins.

Quantum Equation

Tapping into this Quantum Energy with the intent of healing, will uncover stuck energies, resulting in deep fight and flight patterns, which all contribute to a dis-ease state.  The Quantum Equation, a string of systems and techniques, will challenge programmed beliefs, reveal what the physiology needs and present a useful pattern to unstick and reconnect energies, resulting in healing.

Quintessential Efficiencies

Now that we have the specific Quantum Equation to create the Quantum Energy to flow, we now apply this through Quintessential Efficiencies with the intent of transformation to occur at the quantum level - You are doing this simply by being open to your innate ability to heal!

Methodology & Approach

Get to Know Scott

Trust, Faith and Grace - that is my center (heart, foundation, root, essence).  There is a purpose and a reason for your visit to our page today, if you are willing, we are capable and ready to introduce you to what can be.

“Got a Problem, Take a Pill” - that is not us, we are so much more capable than that societal norm.  We will incorporate useful, applicable techniques and systems to help break this pattern and empower our inner ability.

My Goal: Help you find their capability. By taking care of yourself first, then we can help others become capable.

What to expect from a healing session

Frequency Depends on You!

All sessions are roughly
60-90 minutes. 


Our Healing Suite is located in Boca Raton, FL. Please wear comfortable clothes and come with an open mind!


Yes, virtual sessions are possible!! Contact Scott directly to figure out the best means for your visit!

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Healing Session

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If an appointment time does not work with your schedule, please send Scott a message at burgess@scotteburgess.com and we will find a time to meet.
Payment is expected prior to the session.  The option to pay via Paypal is embedded in the appointment calendar at the time of selecting an appointment time.  If a different payment type is needed, please send Scott a message!  Discounts for multiple visits paid for upfront are possible, talk to Scott about different options!
Missed Appointment and cancellation terms: If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please provide a 24 hour advance notice, to ensure that you will not be charged for the appointment.
If less than 24hours notice is provided and I am unable to fill your time slot, it is expected that you pay for the appointment.
For more information please reach out directly to Scott at burgess@scotteburgess.com

Client Stories!

Words are powerful! Words followed by action equals powerful transformation and personal healing...

Allowing stuck energy to move and to be released...
It's All About Movement!

"I realize that so much of my aches and pains came from my hammer toes and bunions.  But what really helped to release my emotional "stuff" was Scott’s guidance with being present in the moment!"

Roe B.

"QE3 Healing with Scott opened my mind and body to other possibilities rather than just only modern-day medicine or "taking a pill"."

Barb M.

“Let me try to express my gratitude for reminding me and bringing me back into my power. Thanks for teaching me how to get myself and my family back in balance.”

Lisa B.

"Beyond words are the words that describe this experience. In short, three visits is all that it took to correct my "issue". Scott needs to be in every major city."

Dwight H.

"I was diagnosed with "Fibromyalgia" from my primary care physician, I thought I was out of options. Then my husband introduced me to Scott, and everything changed. Healed is not the word I would use to describe my experience, more like groundbreaking."

Brandi H.