QE³ Life Guide:
More than Coaching

Is this for you?

Seeking true empathetic listening?
Pursuing a heart connection with your higher self?
Craving a shift from vulnerability to capability?

What does "Life Guide" look like:

Walk alongside you while leaving space for vulnerability and humanity in this dream we call life. One-to-one, truly personalized sessions with Scott as your Life Guide, either in-person or virtually.

I have been there.

Only one who has experienced the demands, and limiting labels yet desires the "MORE" that life offers, can one
guide those who are truth seekers themselves.

You are here for a reason.

Let’s set up a time to talk, make sure this is a good fit and see what lies ahead!

What's holding
you back?

See what others just like you have to say!

“I’ve immensely benefitted from my one-on-one coaching sessions with Scott.
Working side by side, allowed me to break past my procrastination pain points. I could clarify my own priorities and better recognize the obstacles in my path. I feel more at ease within my professional environment: I feel both happier and way more productive.”

Kelly B.

“Beyond grateful for the guidance Scott provided me. I truly relished my time off and am now mentally prepared for my next chapter in life. I started that new career, and it feels AMAZING! I can’t believe I waited this long to hire a life guide, Scott was able to guide me through this major life decision with just one month of coaching.”

Randy W.

“Scott was the perfect choice for me, because… I really wanted to get right to it and get after the tasks in front of me. But I didn’t know how to get there. I had no idea Scott what to expect, after a clear conversation and some easy Q&A, we were off. It's a wonderful feeling to be in control and off on the right foot."

John J.

“I’ve finally created a life of passive income, making money while I sleep "as they say". I also have free time to do, what I want to do, which was the most important to me.
It's not only all possible.

"It's all come true!”
Thank you, Scott

Ben A.

Get to Know Scott

Hi, I am Scott E. Burgess.  Sports have always been a big part of who I thought I was.  I played scholarship college football and later became a damn good coach! In fact, I turned my coaching life into a business.

It’s funny how life pivots...  My oldest daughter of 4 was born and my career shifted into helping those in the trenches of traditional healthcare.  While I was designing operating rooms in the best healthcare systems in the U.S. - I picked up on gaps just like you would see on the football field - and gaps were everywhere!  So, in 2019, I took a risk and brought these gaps to light, and discussed solutions and strategies on the Healthcare360 podcast.  

I led these conversations with curiosity, and discovered there must be more to health than traditional healthcare, right?  And at the same time, I realized I became “Coach Dad” to my 4 daughters...and I was struggling, and I dug deep, and discovered my own gaps and frustrations with life.  A good friend of mine could see this internal battle, this coaching ego façade, and introduced me to a new reality...

And that’s when my awareness sprung open, my empathetic heart expanded and my capability to walk alongside others while leaving space for vulnerability and humanity became abundant - and my calling became realized!  You see, I carried that label of “Coach” like a badge of honor, not realizing I was limiting myself.  I had no idea that I was so much more! 

What I offer is beyond coaching, let me introduce you to my capability as a Life Guide.  It is walking shoulder to shoulder in this dream we call life.  It is true empathetic listening, an opening to a heart connection with your higher self, and a tapping into what could be while shifting from vulnerability to capability!  

Only when you have personally been there, only then can one guide.  You are so much more that you realize. Let me help you, like my guide helps me. ~Scott

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Healing Session

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If an appointment time does not work with your schedule, please send Scott a message at burgess@scotteburgess.com and we will find a time to meet.
Payment is expected prior to the session.  The option to pay via Paypal is embedded in the appointment calendar at the time of selecting an appointment time.  If a different payment type is needed, please send Scott a message!  Discounts for multiple visits paid for upfront are possible, talk to Scott about different options!
Missed Appointment and cancellation terms: If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please provide a 24 hour advance notice, to ensure that you will not be charged for the appointment.
If less than 24hours notice is provided and I am unable to fill your time slot, it is expected that you pay for the appointment.
For more information please reach out directly to Scott at burgess@scotteburgess.com