My Why...

Trust, Faith and Grace, that's my center and foundation. Living my purpose with
passion to help those who need to re-discover their center and purpose,
to exceptonal standards, YOUR OWN!

You're here for a reason, take massive action, and let's play!
to introduce you to what can be.

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Our HEALING Journey...

My wife Michelle was in tough shape with spine issues just a few years ago. I did everything I could to help her throughout the years leading up to her tipping point in 2017. And our last trip to the neurosurgeon turned out to be the final dead end. As a mother of 4 daughters ages 9 to 13, Michelle truly was in constant pain, and we were out of options...

My wife Michelle was in tough shape with spine issues. I did everything I could to help her, a mother of 4 ages 9 to 13, but our last trip to the neurosurgeon turned out to be the final dead end, & we were out of options.

We were always looking for the external to help us. We were not aware of the power of thought, the importance of mindset, & what stuck energy does inside of us, or of our innate ability to change our trajectory.

Then, I experienced what healing from the inside can be, and this changed our life - & provided answers for Michelle! This healing, for both of us, created a ripple, & being naturally curious, I wanted to learn more!

For the next few years, I deep dove into a variety of different systems & techniques, modern medicine wasn't the only option after all!  Gratefully, I tapped into my gifts & ability to help others create their own ripple!

I want to share this with as many people as I can, I am sure you are aware of an awakening happening: We do not need to be stuck in this matrix, when you are ready to explore what can be, please set up a time to talk. ~Scott

Creating a Ripple:


Sports have always been a big part of who I thought I was.  I played scholarship college football and later became a damn good coach! In fact, I turned my coaching life into a business.
It’s funny how life oldest daughter of 4 was born and my career shifted into helping those in the trenches of traditional healthcare...

More Than COACHING...
Life Guide:

Sports have always been a big part of who I thought I was, & later became a damn good coach! I carried that label of “Coach” like a badge of honor, not realizing I was limiting myself.

My oldest of four daughters was born & my career shifted into the trenches of traditional healthcare, & I picked up on gaps, like on a football field, & I brought those gaps to light on my podcast.

I led these conversations with curiosity & discovered there must be more to wellness. Meanwhile, I became “Coach Dad” to my 4 daughters…& I was struggling with my own gaps and frustrations in life.

A good friend could see this internal battle, & he introduced me to a new reality. That’s when my awareness sprung open & my empathetic heart expanded. I transitioned from Coach to Guide.

What I offer is beyond coaching. Only when you have personally been there, only then can one guide. You are so much more than you realize. Let me help you, like my guide helps me. ~Scott

Seeing the GAPS!

After 15 years of building face to face relationships and cultivating environments founded on trust, comradery and best business practices in the healthcare arena...everything changed in 2020. The onslaught of the pandemic forcefully launched a slow moving culture to urgently catch up with the digital world...

For 15+ years I have built relationships & cultivated environments founded on trust, comradery, & best business practices. Since 2020, everything has changed, & we all have to pivot, adjust & act fast.

In 2019, I was already fed up with the slow crawl of B2C, frustrated with gaps I knew I had to bring attention to, & I was eager to bring these topics to the digital world through honest conversations on my podcast.

Then, the pandemic changed everything in 2020. B2C, and the technologies that were able to provide this accelerated movement into the digital/virtual world, had to act, & act fast.

I was living this first hand, & talking to as many people as I could, including futurists, those in the trenches, & many pivoting and adjusting. Naturally curious, I intuitively saw patterns & opportunities to capitalize on gaps.

I want to share this reimagined consciousness with as many others as I can & I would love to talk with you more - if you are interested in QE3 Business Consulting, click to create a time for us to talk! ~ Scott

My Fed Up Point...
Why I Pivoted:

Barb's Story...

A heart felt story, unlike any other!
Every word: Intentful, purposeful and with meaning!