MINERAL MATRIX PENDANT (Restore Mineral Vitality)

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A very important and essential Pendant! Discovered through use of the Mora Machine, that when measured in relation to the energy readings of the body, there are two things that can make this difficult: 1. SEVERE disease, where all the meridians test very low and you could not restore them to normal balance, no matter how much you treated them 2. DEHYDRATION and mineral imbalance. If you are not drinking enough structured water, not only are you dehydrated, but you are also losing the information carrying ability of the minerals, through the streams of the body. The minerals convey the energetic colors of the aura, and they are the matrix for the electrochemical vitality of your physiology. This module restores that template, although it does not replace the need for minerals, which is best suited to a liquid minerals supplement (72 trace minerals)